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About Us 

Our Mission Statement :  "to preserve, support and promote our Western Canadian History, Heritage and Culture"

Our non-profit society works in confluence with the Rocky Mountain House National Historical Site

to promote interest in our local history, heritage, and environment.

We raise funds for projects through grants, donations, and events

put on by our many diverse and enthusiastic volunteers.

As you have explored our website you have seen and read about our many programs and projects,

( such as The Trading Post gift shop and mercantile; "The Man Who Looks At Stars" puppet show;

play station for kids of all ages; art classes and various holiday celebrations to name just a few). 

Our Society works in cooperation with other local groups, clubs, and schools through various activities

so we may all benefit from a better community through shared knowledge and understanding

of who we are, where we came from, and the endless possibilities of what we can achieve.

Keeping Our Heritage and Community Connected

Confluence Heritage Society Est.1983 


Beaver: is considered a symbol of industriousness, resourcefulness, and community

Teepee or tipi: symbolizes shelter, family, connection to nature; it can also represent unity and community

River: symbolizes the flow of life, continuity, and transformation; it can represent journey, adaptability, the passage of time

Star: symbolizes guidance, inspiration, dreams, aspirations, hope, illumination, a spiritual connection

 The Confluence Heritage Society uses these images to represent a harmonious relationship between our heritage, nature and community.

(Please note that interpretations of symbols can vary, and the specific meaning may depend on cultural or personal contexts.)


I'm "Happy" the Mascot

Completed Projects


Membership Information & Application

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